Mont Blanc du Tacul

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Mont Blanc du Tacul

A few parties on the route that day. 2 options in the bottom section: take skis off and climb straight up through the lower serac band on crampons or stick to the very left side of the face to climb a short ice gully on skis (seracs hanging above). Then straight up through good snow. There is one visible bridge to cross on the right at the last serac band before the ridge. A steeper section of wind compressed snow just before the exit onto the right shoulder, keep your distance. Most teams stopped on the shoulder without climbing the summit. We continued towards the summit rocks (a few snowed in crevasses just below the ski depot, presumably weak bridges). A bit tricky conditions to reach the cross, fresh snow and hard ice on bare rock. We climbed up the entire face to the ski depot and skied it down without taking off the skis once. Good, slightly compressed powder on the descent. Overall good conditions. Heavy, thoroughly wet snow in the lower section of Vallee Blanche. About 30 mins walking on Mer de Glace to reach the stairs. Crevasses slowly opening up before salle a manger.

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Midi - Col du Midi - Tacul NW face - Tacul summit

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Tacul NW face - Vallee Blanche - Montenvers

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