Villa Cameron in Courmayeur

Villa Cameron

That the villa should now become the headquarters of a Foundation whose aim is to encourage mountain safety and respect for this special environment, meets the criteria set out by Miss Cameron in her will, when she bequeathed the villa to the Aosta Valley Regional Government.

The position, orientation and shape of the building are influenced by the previous life and the experiences before Miss Cameron discovered and grew fond of this beautiful place.
The rooms open out onto the surrounding nature - so that she could enjoy views that were to appear in her pictures and see the very peaks that were to drive her towards new exploits and ascents - satisfying her passion for the mountains and yet maintaining an almost English atmosphere, that of a comfortable home to welcome friends.

As miss Cameron had wished, the impact of the building on the surrounding landscape is mitigated by the careful use of traditional materials, such as stone and wood, and the simplicity of its design.The activities of the foundation "Montagna sicura- Montagne sûre" have at its disposition four floors of adaptable spaces with a unique natural background.
The veranda that was added in a second time emphasises the special link between inner and outer spaces that has always been a key feature of this building.

Fondazione Montagna Sicura - Montagne Sûre

Villa Cameron
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